K2 Structure

K2 Structure is our large format concert roof. This system is a hybrid system that is part steel and part aluminum. The base and towers are made of steel and the roof grid if made of aluminum. We build this roof with 24 hands, 4 forklifts, and 1 Crane. The system was designed so that every piece can be hand carried by no more then 4 people. It is built from upstage, which helps us minimize the impact on the grass. We also park the crane upstage, which means we do not need a downstage road at any point during the build or strike. The crane call is normally 4 to 6 hours. The K2 system has a 80’ x 56’ performance area. The 70’ tall towers make it to where we get 60’ to the low aluminum. We also carry rigging beams to eliminate most bridles to ensure that bands get their full trim and cut down their rigging time. There are 2 different wing widths to choose from. We can build you a 33’-6” or 41’-0” wing. This structure also has a 17’ cantilever. We work very closely with Clark-Reder Engineering to ensure that everything we hang in the roof is safe. We overlay every rigging plot over our roof grid and get a stamped drawing from the engineer before we hang anything. We pride ourselves on providing a safe structure. We have very knowledgeable staff that can answer any safety questions and/or concerns. We like our clients to feel as safe as we do around our structures.


Wing Weather Protection Package • Covered Upstage Tech Area • Lighting /Scrim Out Hang Brackets for Wings • Fascia Addition for 8’-4” Tall Header Scrim • Additional Video Wing